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HERITAGE from YBA has embraced current trends by including a media streamer in its product lineup. The 2013 innovation to expand the appeal even further, was to include Bluetooth in its media streamer. These range represents the perfect balance between affordable music excellence, intelligent design and technological innovation.

Added to the range at the start of 2015 is a DAC.

The four products form a superb total electronics package and each is priced at a point which will hold great appeal for those many thousands of people who have aspired to own YBA but whose budget could not stretch to the higher priced ranges.

With their distinctly appealing characteristics, Heritage products not only sound exceptional, but they bring fun to any system setup. They are available in a choice of finishes - silver or black. This is the only YBA range to offer this option. The image below of both the CD100 and the D100 shows the attractive black option.