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I have been designing audio products since 1971 and hold several patents.

My company operations commenced in 1981 with just one amplifier and one preamplifier.

YBA products have always been and still remain my absolute passion and I believe this passion is evident in the design of every product bearing the YBA name.

YBA diagrams are the elegance of simplicity.

They consist of a differential input of a current source transistor, two complementary transistors in each of the two stages of voltage gain A class, followed by output transistors (2 to 6), for a total of 8 to 12 transistors per channel.

All transistors used are selected for their auditory qualities. The difference is evident due to the selection of low noise transistors. The drivers have a very wide bandwidth (40 Mhz) and the output transistors are high current (30 amps).

My designs rely on the following criteria

Electronic components without compromise

Great care is taken in choosing not only the value of components used in the assembly, but also the type of components and even the manufacturer of these components. Most of them - such as connectors, transformers, cables, the solder and resistors are specially manufactured  for YBA in France.

Simplicity and reliability in the design

This is the heart of the products. Special care is taken to ensure that the devices used are devices with high efficiency and minimal heat dissipation.


Indium is used in particular and specific places in order to decrease the variations of temperature and to improve conductivity. YBA audio products are truly innovative, based on “Memory Free Design Technology” to avoid thermal vibration, electromagnetic and electrostatic distortions.

"I am extremely pleased to be able to include some of my ideas when designing products. You will find a In-depth interview that will give you more information about why we design our products and how we do it. "You can read it here

 Quality is a constant state of mind

       It is a matter of passion and experience....not a matter of standards

       Technology is not an end in itself

       The pleasure found in listening must be our only guide