Designed in France,
made with Passion

50 years of Experience in Hifi High End

Quality is a constant state of mind
It is a matter of passion and experience….not a matter of standards
Technology is not an end in itself
The pleasure found in listening must be our only guide

Founded in 1981 by Yves Bernard André, an electronics professor, YBA was quickly recognised for its unusual products.

Unusual in that they were so typically French and designed by a man who had so much passion and belief in the way things should be done, that they were seen by many hi-fi journalists and consumers alike to be decidedly distinctive and unique, qualities which gave them great appeal.

No-one denied the brilliance of the designs.

The growing success of the brand through the 80’s, 90’s and well into the 2000’s attested to Yves’ philosophy to produce the reality of absolute true sound as accurately as possible. To do this successfully meant that the manufacture of all products bearing the YBA name was based on discipline, precision and patience.

Australian born Jacki Pugh works closely with Yves-Bernard André calling on his vast experience to assist in driving YBA to rightfully reclaim its position as a market leader in the hi-fi world. The international market has warmed to the re-introduction of the brand and new distributors continue to come on board year to year.
In early 2021 Jacki made the decision to leave YBA on April 30 with a capable global distribution network in place. Three people will be taking over from Jacki, Derek Cheng (international sales), Hunter Wong (order processing/despatch) and Frankie Bina (social media/tech enquiries). All three have been part of the Shanling organisation for some years and Jacki feels confident that YBA will continue to move forward in their capable hands.

Jacki Pugh – CEO YBA

Exceptional Manufacturing

At the heart of the YBA design team is Yves-Bernard André. His ideas remain the core of the products and each person involved in key elements of manufacture works in accordance with his principles and philosophies. This is true throughout the manufacturing phase right through to final testing.

Exclusive Design

Only by paying constant attention to the smallest details is it possible to design products of unparalleled excellence. The development team are masters in innovative solutions, all of which undergo stringent testing before being finally approved for production.

Component Assembly

In many instances, especially with YBA higher end products, many of the electronic components require hand assembly. Expertise and sensitivity required for this work is of paramount importance and is therefore constantly and carefully monitored.

Manufacturing Development

YBA constantly seeks input from its world-wide distribution partners regarding future products. This ensures that we will always be open to any market driven suggestions for new and innovative additions to the YBA range.

Meticulous Checks

Way beyond our ISO 9001 certification, each electronic component is tested individually. Initially all electronic working practices are scrupulously checked in accordance with precise protocols. When production is complete , all products are run for a minimum of 48 hours.

This is followed by a further QC checking process to ensure 100% quality has been achieved.

The Finishing Touches

The final stage is the listening test.This is when we can truly guarantee the design of the specific product. Yves-Bernard André himself listens to products and gives them final approval.