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Passion PRE550 MKII Pre-amplifier & DAC

Released Spring 2022

There is a definite warmth of presentation, a fuller lower midrange sets up the YBA’s sonic texture. The sound is based on proximity and immediacy. What sounds the most beautiful is the instruments and vocals located in the middle of the frequency range. Yet this occurs without limiting everything to just the midrange. The treble has an open, strong character, with plenty of energy corresponding to the higher registers of the vibraphone, drum cymbals, etc.

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PRE550 MKII offers three inputs – one balanced XLR, one unbalanced RCA, and one video pass-through RCA. Combined with pair of unbalanced RCA outputs and one XLR output, PRE550 MKII us a versatile choice for wide range of Hi-Fi setups. And all easily controlled with our classic YBA remote controller.

New Mark II version brings quite a few improvements in its digital section, mainly thanks to a pair of Analog Devices AD1955 DACs, with a native support of PCM up to 24 bit / 192 kHz and DSD64. USB input was also significantly upgraded with the XMOS controller, offering the top-quality sound with a direct connection to your computer.

For use with other digital sources, you can pick from I2S (RJ45), AES/EBU (XLR) or S/PDIF (Optical TosLink, coaxial, BNC) inputs. PRE550 MKII also includes S/PDIF Coaxial output, for use as a transport for a standalone DAC.

If you prefer simpler and wire free setup, PRE550 MKII can be connected directly to your smartphone or tablet over its Bluetooth 5.0 input. Amplifier even supports advanced LDAC and aptX HD Bluetooth codecs for a Hi-Fi quality wireless playback.

When used with a separate source, the whole digital section can be quickly disabled, resulting in an improved performance of amplifier’s analog circuit.

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Product type


Audio Outputs

1 Balanced XLR, 2 RCA & 1 Digital S/PDIF Coaxial

Audio Inputs

1 Balanced XLR & 2 RCA



Frequency Response

20 Hz – 40 kHz (-0.5dB)


0.001% (20 Hz – 20 khz)

USB Input

XMOS XU208 – PCM 32bit / 768 kHz & DSD512

D/A Converter

Dual Analog Devices AD1955 – Native support up to 24/192 & DSD64



Display Brightness

Adjustable from remote

Power Supply

2 Linear power supplies with high performance
transformer 190VA

Color / Finish

Natural aluminium

Dimensions (w x d x h)

430 x 412 x 118mm


12 kg