Inside YBA

AVME (Audio Video Multimedia Experience) 2018

The third event of AVME will be held from May 18 to 20 at the Novotel Madrid Centre in Madrid, Spain.

It is an event / fair that brings together many brands of consumer electronics, audio, video and technology such as Marantz, Focal, Final Audio, Esoteric, Monitor Audio, Lenovo, JVC, TP-Link, BenQ, Sony, Panasonic, and many more.

There will also be live concerts and electronic music.

Hi End Audio, YBA’s Spanish distributor, will be exhibiting in Room A, with a demonstration featuring the YBA Genesis IA3 integrated amplifier + CD4 CD player + PH1 phono preamplifier, accompanied by Scheu and Totem ARRO/SKY/EARTH