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Signature makes its mark in romania

Written by Dragos Antonescu, YBA Distributor, Romania

The picture represents my daughter Sara’s first encounter with Signatures. We enjoyed a CD playing Mozart Duo for Violin and Viola, a 55 years old recording of Oistrakh father and son. It was quite fun at the beginning as we “conducted” together the allegro part. But suddenly, 30 seconds after the second part, the exquisite Adagio, Sara asked me to stop the music explaining me there is something in this music that makes her cry. She learned first time, yesterday, that music could make you cry. That genuine expression of the emotional impact coming from a pure six year old kid’s heart is the highest compliment that could be made to musical reproduction.   Chapeau bas, Yves Bernard & YBA team, for one of the greatest amplifiers to date!

Dragos then wrote his own review of the Signature pieces – this is very different from a review written by a hi-fi magazine. We find it inspiring.

You can read it here.