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YBA announces release of R100 app

We are pleased to announce the release of a new companion app and a new firmware update for the YBA Heritage R100 streamer.

Firmware update V1.51 brings MQA support, improvements for the DLNA playback and compatibility with the new Eddict Player App. You can find full update notes and a guide how to update in the PDF bellow.

Eddict Player app was developed as a companion app for a range of devices. Main usage with the YBA R100 being its Wireless Projection function, which allows user to completely control their R100 directly from their phone or tablet. When enabled, you are getting exact screen mirroring of your R100, through which you can access all parts of the system and all the functions.

App is available for both iOS and Android. You can find basic instructions regarding setting up the Wireless Projection in the PDF bellow. Please update the firmware on your R100 before using the Eddict Player app.


iOS version at Apple App Store:

Android version at Google Play Store:

Eddict Player App – Wireless Projection for R100

R100 Firmware V1.51 Update