YBA CD200 – Modern update to our best-selling CD Player

Heritage CD100 was a big staple of YBA’s product range, serving as a great entrance point into the world of YBA Hi-Fi sound. But as the audiophile world and customer’s demands move into a new age, it’s time to release an updated CD player for Heritage range, our new CD200.

Based around the same great Philips CD80 drive, but with better DAC section and modernized digital inputs. Further expanding role of the CD200 as not only a CD player, but also as a high-performing standalone DAC.

New DAC section is based around the Cirrus Logic WM8741 DAC, offering a nice sound upgrade over the CD100 and also adding support of DSD64 playback via USB input, which was also upgraded to a highly-regarded XMOS XU208 USB. Thanks to these two changes, CD200 can now serve as a truly excellent USB DAC with your computer. And we also added an optical input, for a better integration of CD200 into your Hi-Fi or TV rig.