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Five new updated models releasing in Spring 2022

World of Hi-Fi keeps moving forward and while YBA’s analog designs are still going strong, the digital sections on some models are ready for a timely update. Today we are announcing five new models across three product lines, bringing new DAC sections, USB inputs and some of them even getting Wireless playback through Bluetooth.

Most of the new models are ready for order, only the CD430 MKII will be coming little bit later. Please check with your local YBA dealer for availability and pricing.

Heritage Line – A200s Integrated amplifier 

Receiving a new AKM DAC with a support of Hi-Res playback all the way to PCM 32 bit /768 kHz & DSD512, improved USB input and update to its Bluetooth input, adding LDAC support.

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Passion Line – CD430 MKII CD Player, IA350 MKII Integrated amplifier & PRE550 MKII Preamplifier

Three of our Passion models are receiving upgraded digital sections with Analog Devices DACs, improved USB inputs and even high-quality Bluetooth inputs. CD430 MKII is also switching to a new CD mechanic Philips CDM4, replacing the older discontinued model.

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Signature Line – Signature Preamplifier MKII

Our best preamplifier, now with upgraded Analog Devices DAC and improved USB input.

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